Hire A Facebook Account Hacker



1 .- Requirement:
To get a Social Media Accounts password you must know what is the email address which is associated to the desired Social account.
a. When we say the associated email address, we don’t mean the @facebook or other social address which is automatically generated with all accounts. We mean the email address used to register the account.
b. If you know about an email address but you are not sure if it is associated to the Facebook account or not, you can GOOGLE about how to check if is associated.
c. If you don’t know what is the email address and there is no way to find it out, in this case the price will be $400, since this it will be a more complex and expensive service.

2. Safety: We will get both passwords: from the social account and from its associated email address. So our service includes 2 passwords.
You may not be interested on the associated email address password, maybe you only want the social account password, but you need it mandatorily, because any social network has a safety technique for devices recognition.
A device is a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc… which is used to logging in to a Facebook account. When a new device is detected, a device never used before, the social network(As example: Facebook ) will send a warning message to the associated email address. This is the reason because you need it.
Because when the warning message arrives (It will be immediately when the new device is detected), you must delete it to avoid to leave traces from your access and to be discovered by the owner.

3. The price for both passwords (Facebook + Email) instagram, twitter and other social media accounts is 350 DOLLARS (USD).

a. If the associated email is corporative (@corporative.com) then the price is 450 dollars.

4. If you order more than one account, you must pay all at once. If you want to order more than one, but pay one by one, you must order in this same way, and you can’t apply for the discount above. Social Media Accounts

5. Payment must be sent through Bitcoin or Monero. – no other payment method. Please understand and don’t insist. Social Media Accounts

6. Both passwords will be the original the same that are being used right now. Nothing will be changed. a. Our service is 100% safe and discreet, and the real owner will never suspect anything. Effectiveness is also 100%. There is no option to fail.

7. We accept intermediaries. It means that if you want to be an intermediary between us and another person, it is possible; however, you must understand that our treat is with you, and even if you are just an intermediary, you are the only responsible to fulfill all Rules and Procedures, and to pay for our service. If you don’t want to be absolutely responsible, just don’t accept to be intermediary.

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