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What Black Hat Hacking Services Are Available Online?


Finding Black Hat Hacking and Programming Services

Black hat hacking services are most commonly thought of as available on the Dark Web (or Deep Web as it is sometimes called) only. The truth, however, is that black hat hacking services are available on the clearnet (that’s the part internet that you access all the time, and where you are right now reading this article), just like there are on the dark web. After all, most people who need to hire a black hat hacker or programmer, do not know how to access the dark web at all (and some people just plain and simple do not want to!). It is still totally possible to hire a black hat hacker on the clearnet while maintaining your safety, and you can learn more about this in our other article: how to hire a black hat hacker online. With that said, having a brief understanding of the menu of available black hat hacker services online, will help you find the services you are looking for much easier.

Up front disclaimer: Neither Mr Hyde, nor Drugs and Bad Ideas can be responsible for anything you hire a black hat hacker to do for you. This article is purely for educational and informational purposes only.

Now that we got that out of the way…

How Much Black Hat Hacking Services Cost on the Dark Web and on the Clearnet

Although there are black hat hackers who will offer just about any black hat service you are looking for, there are some more common requests, and the roundabout price that they generally charge for said services rendered. Due to the nature of the services, it is common for two price structures to take place…full balance paid up front, and contingency hacking.

  • Contingency Hacking – Usually you are charged half of the agreed upon fee, up front, and the other half upon services rendered. This helps you protect yourself and ensure the services are actually rendered.
  • Finalize Early (Paid up front) – Means you pay the entire fee up front, before the job is complete. Sometimes this is required for certain jobs, no matter who you hire; however, it is very clearly more risky. Still, there are reputable black hat hackers who still render services. In fact, by our estimate, when using finalize early, services are generally rendered a surprising 88% of the time!

Various Black Hat Hacking and Programming Services Available For Hire

Website Hacking – $400 to 5,000 (or more)

There are a lot of hackers who are able to tear up, infiltrate or otherwise break into, and/or extract information from a website database. There are hackers who can hijack website traffic and customers. There are hackers who can steal customer data from live traffic, or past traffic. Whether the goal is to deface a website, destroy a website, prevent anyone from accessing the website (often called a DDOS attack [distributed denial of service]), or simply infiltrate and extract…hackers will charge a number of fees depending upon the complexity of the website security and job detail.

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