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Depending upon the social media account and platform (some sites, such as Facebook, are much harder to hack than others), it may cost more to do the job. Hacking celebrity accounts is generally the most expensive, as it is most risky for the hacker (these accounts have a higher level of service and attention of all types), but nearly any account can be hacked for a multitude of purposes. Some of the reasons people hire black hat hackers to hack a Facebook account or other social media (twitter, linked in, instagram, etc) include: retrieving a password, adding a post, removing a post, editing a post, modifying someone’s pictures, deleting accounts, removing friends and relationships, seeing information, and a variety of other reasons. Whether it is a social media account, site, or app that is being targeted, there are black hat hackers ready to infiltrate any network for the right fee.

Dating Site Hacking – $200 to $1000

Dating sites are usually much more lax in the security department (ironically) than more mainstream social media websites and apps. Thus, they are usually a little less costly. People hire hackers to gain access to certain accounts on dating sites in order to see the account activity. People also hire hackers to remove any reference or historical evidence that they themselves were on the site (this is ever so popular with sites like and other friend finder types of sites). Black hat hacker services are also available for getting people lifetime premium accounts at popular dating sites.

Explicit (adult) Content Hacking – $60 to $1000

Some people hire black hat hackers to infiltrate an adult website and retrieve the content for a fee. Others prefer to hire black hat services to simply retrieve a password for an adult site (or many passwords). Some black hat hackers sell lists of adult sites with passwords all pre-packaged ready to go. Depending upon the goods, the price is likely to fluctuate high and be very different from hacker to hacker.

Yelp, Facebook & Amazon Reviews – $20 to $400

Black hat hackers have long been ahead of the review game. If a normal joe tries to leave a fake review for his or her own product, they will quickly find themselves banned…but black hat hackers have figured out ways to get plethoras of high quality, American-sounding reviews that bolster a products value and buyer confidence. Depending upon the platform (where you want the review left) and the number of reviews (how many you want to have dispersed over whatever time period), the price will vary significantly.

Email Account Hacking – $80 to $170

There are a lot of reasons to want to hack an email account (gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, lycos,, and infinite others). Some people want access to their spouse’s email account. Others want to just read their competitors’ emails. There are some people who need to delete an email before it is read. There are people looking to steal data they know is stored in a particular email. It is possible to hijack a competitor’s business this way as well. Regardless of the reason, depending upon the email provider, the price will vary greatly, as their securities vary immensely as well.

Record Expunging – $600 to $1800

There are a lot of reasons why someone would need to purge a certain entry (or all entries) from an account or record. Some people want to remove speeding tickets from their record, reckless driving tickets, or DUIs. Other people are looking to hire a hacker to remove more serious offenses from their records (crimes of all types). It is possible for a hacker to also ADD entries to a record.

Changing a Grade (College / University) – $250 to $600

There are a lot of universities and schools out there with different levels of security. These universities all report and store grades differently and have varying styles of database and record keeping…however, nearly any grade can be changed for the right price.

Reputation Damage – $400 to $1200

It is possible to hire hackers to destroy someone’s reputation and life (on social media, or otherwise). Drug dealers use these types of services to target snitches very frequently, although there are many other people seeking these services for a variety of reasons it seems as well. Also, depending upon the target, the price seems to greatly vary.

Rewards Points Hacking – $35 to $900

Black hat hacking services exist to fill rewards accounts with points that can be used to provide entirely free hotel rooms (nearly every major chain has been infiltrated [Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, and more]). It is easy to spend reward points that were “erroneously attributed to an account” and thus, the risk is generally considered to be zero for hiring a black hat hacker for such a service.

Black Hat SEO Services – $120 to $3000

Depending upon the particular phrases or keywords, it can be much harder or easier to get a website to the front page of any search engine, fast. Hiring a black hat hacker service for SEO is two fold: not only are there services available to bolster a website’s rank on search engines, but also there are services available to lower and destroy a competitor’s rank or reputation. These prices seem to vary greatly depending upon the exact job detail and targeted website (and/or keywords).

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