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After a lot of time and work and research, we have developed a private method to recover stolen or lost bitcoins that is based on 2 types of blockchain attacks that already exists and are widely known by the bitcoin community. These methods are called: “Alternative History Attack” and “Majority Attack”. We have taken the best of both attack methods to combine them and generate a new one that is more efficient and, of course, adapted to the needs of our clients.

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We have managed, either through direct agreements with the owners or by other means, to control more than 6,000 nodes of the ‘bitcoin distribution network’ that you can check by clicking here, and we also have a large number of devices from many people who have voluntarily installed a mining app, in exchange for receiving a part of our remuneration, which gives us a great capacity of ‘hash power’.

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Simply stated so that everyone can understand what we’re talking about without using so many technical words, the “Alternative History Attack”, consists of, as its name says, generating an alternative history for those bitcoins. A story that will say that they were sent to a different address under our control.

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This alternative history attack is achieved in conjunction with another attack called “Majority attack”, which is the most difficult part of our job, because you need to control at least 51% of the current bitcoin nodes in order to execute it successfully, something that, fortunately, we have achieved by controlling, as we previously said, more than 6,000 nodes. Thanks to controlling a large number of nodes and counting a large number of miners that provide us with hashing power, we’re able to make them all write the story we want for a certain transaction. Requirements

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The method we have developed is a method to recover your own bitcoins, stolen from your own account or that you sent by mistake. This is not to steal someone else’s bitcoins.
In order to perform this service, we need 2 things:

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(1) The Private Key of your own bitcoin wallet from which the bitcoins you want to retrieve were sent. You need to know this to be able to rewrite the alternative history based on your wallet, by generating the corresponding outputs. If you don’t have your Private Key and can’t obtain it, it won’t be possible to execute this service.

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(2) An amount of bitcoins exactly equal to the amount you want to recover. As we have explained before, our method is to write an “alternative history” for those bitcoins, for which we’ll need to have at our disposal an equal number of bitcoins to generate a new history equal to the previous one and then replace it with the new one.

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Private Key: As we have explained previously, we’ll need the Private Key of the wallet from where the bitcoins that you want to recover were sent to execute the service. For your safety, and to avoid possible problems or claims, we recommend that this Private Key is empty. If you have funds, you should transfer them to another wallet under your control and leave it empty before sending us the Private Key.

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Equal amount of bitcoins: To create the alternative history”, we’ll need an equal amount of bitcoins as those stolen or sent by mistake. For example, if 0.5162 bitcoins were stolen from you, we’ll need exactly the same amount. This won’t be a payment for our work and you won’t lose this money.

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At the end of the process, when the alternative history has been written, you’ll recover the lost or stolen bitcoins and you’ll also recover these bitcoins.

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